Wasting Time With Google

If you've ever seen this little guy whenever you try and load a page on Google Chrome, don't fret. Your internet might be down but you can still have fun, while someone in IT figures their shit out.

I was surprised at how many people didn't know you could play with this dinosaur. 

Whenever you see this page pop up, press your space bar or any key I believe, and you'll activate Google's endless runner game. A lot of people consider it an Easter Egg. 

To play the game, just keep pressing space bar to avoid a number of different obstacles like trees and pterodactyls. 

The game gets increasingly faster as you progress. I'm not sure if there are other obstacles apart from the pterodactyls and the trees as I've never gotten past 1000 points. 

You can even play it on your phone.

Just tap the screen to start the game and to jump. This game is a great way to pass the time whenever you don't have any wifi or Internet connection. Just open up Google Chrome on your desktop or phone and have fun. 

I personally love the face the dinosaur makes whenever he runs into the obstacle.




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