The Port by Quarters Hostel in Singapore

Sunday, February 07, 2016
"Quaint, Modern & Easy"
When I went over to Singapore for the ONE OK ROCK concert over the weekend, I struggled to pick a place to stay. I worried about cleanliness, accessibility, Wi-Fi and a bunch of other things. In the end, my friend and I settled for the Port by Quarters Hostel. And let me tell you, I didn't regret it.


Location-wise the Port is easily accessible with public transport and a bit of walking. You can get off at Raffles Place Station and walk about 5 minutes down the street along the pubs, bars and eateries until you see a yellow sign that says "The Port".


To enter the hostel, you have to press a button, after which someone at the lobby will buzz the door to let you in. You walk up the stairs and turn into the first door on your right, then turn right again to go into the lobby.

I really liked the look and feel of the lobby. It was very modern, yet homey as well. You'll find some bags and luggage by the tables from guests that are checking in and checking out, but there is ample space for everyone to sit.

The view from the lobby is amazing too!

There is a SG$10 deposit for your keycard. You get this deposit back when you checkout and return your keycards.


As the Port is a capsule style hostel, you share one large room with a number of strangers. However, unlike regular hostels, you get a screen for a little more privacy.

I believe that there are two rooms. One is located on the same level as the lobby and the other is upstairs. Our room had one large window overlooking the water and it was quite pretty as you can see some of the city's skyline.

Each bed or pod has a fold-out table, a light, hangers, universal plugs (4 for a Queen sized bed) , a locker, thick blankets and 2 pillows (4 if you book a Queen sized bed).

The lockers were underneath the beds and were quite large so you could stuff your whole bag in there and not worry. They are unlocked with your access cards, which you need to get into your room and the lounge area.

The Lounge


I'm not sure about the other room, but ours had access to 4 bathroom/toilets. 2 for the males and 2 for the females. There is soap, water heaters and ample toilet papers.

There are no shampoos or towels.

The toilets are located near the lounge area, where the refrigerator, computer and washing machines are. I believe we are able to use the washing machines, but as we we're just there for the weekend, there was no need to.

The toilets were generally clean but I came back one night and found that there was pee all over the toilet seat. I think one of the males used the toilets (something you just have to do when both toilets are occupied and your really need to go). I recommend you bring some slippers to wear into the shower even though they were clean in general.


One of the most important things when going overseas without Roaming activated on your phone: Wi-Fi. The Port offers free and fast Wi-Fi. I was able to watch YouTube without too much trouble on my iPad during my stay.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! (Eventhough I skip it here and there)The Port offers free breakfast from 7.30am to 10.30am everyday. The spread is very Western with a bunch of spreads for your toast (they have a toaster), biscuits and even cereal.
The best thing about their breakfast is the free cup of coffee (only your first one is free) and the unlimited flow of juice and milk (only for breakfast and only limited to juice and milk). They also have green tea, mineral water and soft drinks.

Once you're done with breakfast, you have to wash your own dishes! Don't forget! ^^


Service was great! When we arrived, the receptionist who greeted us was extremely friendly and was very patient when answering my questions. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for her name.

The second receptionist, Chloe, was also very friendly. She was there the whole weekened and I enjoyed chatting with her in the mornings during breakfast.


We were informed that cleaning occurs daily in the afternoon, during which they turn off the air conditioners. We were never in the hostel during the afternoons so I can't say much about this.

The room didn't feel like it was cleaned, but that was probably because there were other guests going in and out during the day. However, the toilets were cleaned.
If you're into the nightlife, you'd love the Port's location. It's surrounded by a number of different restaurants, pubs and bars so you can enjoy yourself drinking, karaokeing or mingling with the locals.

It is right behind Clarke Quay, so you can just walk there and the MRT is close by as well. ATMs are also close by if you need them.

My Thoughts about the Port

What I Liked

The view. 
The staff. 
The location. 
The beds/pods. 
The lobby.

What I Didn't Like

No towels 
Breakfast was too limited, very simple and Western. 
No hooks to hang towels in the bathrooms 
Lounge was SOO hot 
Contact Details

50A Boat Quay, Singapore 049839 (2nd floor of a shop house) 

+65 6816 6960 



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