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My Top 5 Sci-Fi TV Shows

The list I've compiled is not arranged in any way, as I couldn't pick a favorite. I love them all.

Most of the TV Shows I will mention are pretty old. In fact, two are from the 60s and the others are from the 90s. There's something about old shows with their questionable acting, unoriginal story lines and sub-par special effects that really speaks to me.

Maybe it's because I'm a 90s baby and basically grew up watching these shows with my older brothers.

I've also had a deep fascination with space. In fact, there was a time in my childhood when I could point out each and every constellation in the sky and name them for you. Not anymore. Haha. The only constellation I remember now is Orion and the Big Dipper. Sad, I know.

Now, let me talk about the latest TV show I've watched.

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis is a show about a group of adventurers who travel to the Pegasus Galaxy via the Stargate to learn more about the Ancients. When they get there they learn that the Ancients had almost been wiped out by an alien race called the Wraith (they can basically suck the life out of you with their hands... ew). So now, they have to survive the Wraith, make friends/enemies and everything else space can throw at them.

I only just started watching this show on Valentine's Day this year. Yes. I spent my Valentine's at home with IFLIX and binge watching Stargate Atlantis. It was the best. (Don't judge).

Star Trek: The Original Series

This was the original Star Trek series. The same series that the latest Star Trek movies starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and many others. All they basically do is explore space and complete missions. This series is really funny. From the low-key sarcasm to the really bad fight scenes. I enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some iconic scenes from the show which have become memes.

Star Trek Voyager

The Star Trek Voyager is captained by Captain Janeway (badass bitch). Her ship was transported to another quadrant in the galaxy by an ancient alien, which had made it impossible for them to get home. In this new part of the galaxy they meet new aliens and enemies (the Borg) while trying to get back home.

Dr Who

Unlike the first 3, Dr Who is a TV show that is still running to this day. The Doctor is an alien called a Timelord that can travel through time with the help of his police box-shaped TARDIS (it's bigger on the inside). The doctor can regenerate every time he dies, which is why the show has been going on for as long as it has. Every time the old doctor dies, they replace him with a new one and make a new adventure. I've got to say the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant is my fave. I haven't managed to keep up with the latest season, but I'm sure it's just as amazing as I remember.


Like Dr Who, Firely is a little different. It only has half a season. It was cancelled before it's time *ugly weeping noises*. Firefly is about space pirates. Lead by Nathan Fillion (the guy who plays Castle) it was a pretty cool show with a lot of cool characters that have appeared on other shows I love.


If you like Sci-fi shows like Warehouse 13, Fringe, Heroes or even the X-Files, you should definitely try and watch the shows I've just listed. Keep an open mind of course as these shows are pretty old. haha



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