February Favorites

Monday, February 29, 2016

Welcome to "how to spend your money frivolously" month! I swear I have never been this broke in my entire life. I've said that I've been broke many times before, but never this broke.

But this post is not about my financial problems haha. Let me talk about my favorites for the month of February.

IFLIX - DiGi had this promotion plan. Change your plan to the SmartPlan 75 and you get 7GB internet and free IFLIX for a whole year. When saw the words FREE and IFLIX, I knew I had to get that plan. On the same day, I went to KLCC and changed my plan and have been enjoying IFLIX ever since. :)

Stargate Atlantis  - I'm in love with sci-fi shows because they're cool. Stargate Atlantis in particular had a lot of really cool characters that I couldn't help rooting for. :) Their enemy, the Wraith, are also pretty sick. Although I haven't finished all the seasons, I can say that I enjoyed every single episode that I've watched.

Deadpool - Deadpool is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe. He's witty, weird and adorable. I watched the movie twice on the day it came out and wrote a movie review. You can read it here. :)


I didn't get to enjoy a lot of my February because I was so broke. Not that March is any better. Nothing like debts to keep you on your financial tippy toes. Even so, it was a pretty amazing month. :)

I hope you had a great February this year! \(^_^)/

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