Can you send photos through the mail in Malaysia?

Can I Send Photos through the Mail in Malaysia?

If you've been wondering the same thing that I have, then wonder no more! I've gone out of my way to experiment with the Malaysian postal system to see if a regular 4R photo with a stamp on it would make it to its intended destination!

Needless to say, I'm surprised.

Now I know that different countries have different rules on what constitutes as a postcard. Some countries would reject a postcard if it doesn't meet the requirements. There was almost no information about whether we could do this in Malaysia too, so I decided to do an experiment.

I've sent my bestie, Bernice a regular postcard before and it reached her fine. So I asked for her help. 

After printing a picture of something she liked with my Canon Selphy CP910, I wrote a message for her on the back, wrote the address and slapped on a stamp. 

Note that the photo was sent without a postcard photo backing.

Postcard photo backing are thick cardstock backings that you can easily stick on the back of any picture to turn it into a postcard. 

Now if you've ever held a regular 4R photo in your hands, you'll find them extremely thin. Nothing like the thick postcards that we usually send out. It worried me because I remember receiving a postcard that was folded in half a while back. Who knows what kind of condition this makeshift postcard would be in once I send it through the mail.

The postcard was sent on the 11th of September and reached its destination in Singapore on the 26th of September! 

Taka from ONE OK ROCK 

As you can see the photo was a little folded on the top, but all in all, it arrived in one piece!



Not everyone on Postcrossing appreciates handmade postcards like these. So you should always make sure that the person you're sending a postcard to is okay with receiving handmade cards. 

Also keep in mind that not all countries mailing systems accept postcards like these. So if you're going to send a photo through the mail, make sure the destination is nearby or make sure that the country's mailing policies allow it.

As these are not typical postcards, they might get lost in the mail. There's nothing more disappointing than getting a notification about an expired postcard.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below! I'll try and answer your questions as best as I can! 



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