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Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist in Pink Chiffon | Beauty Review

I'm in love with fragrance mists. In fact, I have a whole collection of fragrance mists. As much as I'd like my collection to grow some more, there's only so much my wallet can take and so much my dresser can store.

I personally prefer fragrance mists to perfumes because I find them to be more affordable than perfumes. I can see my money evaporating away every time I spritz on my favourite perfume. With fragrance mists, it's not so painful (in my opinion at least).

Today I'll be reviewing one of my favourite mists from Bath & Body Works, Pink Chiffon. You can find this fragrance at every Bath & Body Works outlet in Malaysia. It was one of the first mists I ever purchased for myself and it's the reason I got so hooked on fragrance mists in the first place.

As it was a first-time purchase, I bought a small 88ml bottle. It's travel sized and can be slipped easily into your handbag so you can spritz a bit on yourself here and there throughout the day.

Pink Chiffon is described as "A pairing of soft pink petals & vanilla chiffon icing." Despite the fact that it is a fragrance mist, the scent does linger on my skin a lot longer than I expected. It is a very sweet and flowery scent. At first, it reminded me of candy.

While I like the sweet scent of this fragrance mist, it tended to become a little overwhelming, especially whenever I accidentally spritz on too much. It can become nauseating if you overdo it, so keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

The best way to wear this fragrance is by spraying a bit at the tips of your hair and then brush it out to lighten the scent. Don't spray too much as there's alcohol in this and it will dry your tips out. Unless you're using some kind of product, I recommend you not do this every day.

Some people like spritzing the tops of their heads too, but to each their own. Try what works best for you.

Another way I like to wear this fragrance is by spraying it on like how you would a regular perfume.

If you like collecting fragrances like me or are just looking for a bright and sweet scent to try out, Bath & Body Works' Pink Chiffon might be for you.

You can purchase Bath & Body Works' Pink Chiffon Fragrance Mist at any Bath & Body Works outlet near you or at the following links on Lazada Malaysia. 



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