Incoming Postcards for Postcrossing - Part 1 (September 2015)

Thursday, December 03, 2015
From Uta in Germany

More postcards arrived for me yesterday! :) My favourite out of this batch is the one you see above. Supernatural is one of my favourite TV shows so actually getting a Supernatural themed postcard is the best! Thank you, Uta! :)

If you must know, the guy on the right is my favourite! Although everyone on the show is a completely unique gem of their own. o(>w<)o

From Audela in the Czech Republic
I'm also in love with this postcard from the Czech Republic. It's a very pretty postcard with a tiger on it :) Audela wrote that she has a British short hair cat named Grace.  I can't help but think Grace looks like the tiger. XD

From Chia in Taiwan
This is the first postcard I've received from Taiwan. It's an image of the view in East Taiwan. Chia wrote that she loves street photography. I do too actually but I find it kind of rude to just point a camera at someone's face and walk away without explaining anything. You probably don't have to do exactly that, but that's what I think about when I imagine street photography. (^^;;)

From Kajjtek in Germany
Kajjtek sent me another postcard before this. But it appears to have gotten lost in the mail so this is the second postcard. So I really appreciate her effort. :) She sent me a postcard with beetles on it I think. But dragonflies are cool too! :D

From Wendy in the US
Lastly is a postcard from the States. Wendy wrote a nice quote by C.S. Lewis and the card has a very unique pattern on it. Apparently it's a drawing called the Bird in the Cage by Scherzo. I'm not sure, but that's what the postcard says. ^^
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