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Incoming Postcards for Postcrossing (October 2015)

Inna in Belarus
It's that time of the month again!
Above is a postcard from Inna who lives in Belarus. Inna is currently studying Biotechnology in university, loves reading books and hopes to come and visit Malaysia one day. I hope you get to visit Malaysia one day. :)

Gina in Taiwan

I received 8 postcards to date from Taiwan, Germany, America, Canada, Russia and Belarus.

The first one is from Gina in Taiwan. She recently went to an exhibition by Yayoi Kusama, so the postcard she sent me is themed as such.

It's a cool looking pumpkin and is one of the more modern and interesting card subjects I've ever received. :) Thank you so much, Gina!
Below is a card from Natasha in Russia. I've been getting a lot of artsy looking postcards lately and I've been loving all of them!

I don't think there was an explanation about the painting on this postcard, but it's still very pretty.

Natasha in Russia

Levie from the US
This particular postcard from Levie in the States features an artist called Choe. Levie talked a lot about the artist, which I loved. It's nice to be able to learn new things whenever I get a postcard so I really appreciate the time she took to write down all the details. Levie is a retired nurse who enjoys reading, cooking, crafting and watching movies! All of those except cooking are my favorite things! ^^

Nataliya in Denmark
Nataliya from Denmark wrote down a quote in her language. I tried translating it with Google Translate, but I didn't get a coherent translation from it so I still don't understand what it means. Maybe I can ask someone at my office.

Yulie in Taiwan
Another popular postcard theme I have been receiving lately is animals. Dogs and cats to be specific. I love them very much cause I really like animals. This particular postcard from Yulie is smaller than my other 4x6 sized postcards. Yulie has an adorable  black mini poodle who is naughty, loves to sleep on cushions and occasionally barks in his sleep. o(>w<)o So cute!

Tan in Canada
I think this is the first postcard I've received from Canada. I didn't realize until I registered the postcard while writing this. The postcard shows the Nisga'a Museum in British Columbia (I'm guessing). You can clearly see the inside of the museum.

Kitty in Ymuiden
Another cute puppy postcard!! This time, it came in an envelope. Kitty lives about 20km from Amsterdam in a fishing village. I can only imagine what kind of beautiful place it is. :)

Happy Postcrossing!!



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