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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I've always wanted to dye my hair a bright colour. Whenever I googled hair dyes, I'd always come across the brand Manic Panic, but I could never find the brand here in Malaysia. Once in a while I would come across a seller in Malaysia, but the products would always be overpriced with limited color choices, so I never bought them. So when I saw this deal for Manic Panic in Malaysia, I jumped at the chance and bought myself 3 tubs including a bleach kit!

Qoo10 has been having deals for Manic Panic products since the 2-3 weeks ago I believe. I just recently received my orders after 2 weeks. Seeing as the items ship from the US, 2 weeks isn't a very long wait.

I bought Vampire Red, Atomic Turquoise, and Purple Haze along with a Bleach 40 Kit. I can say that these are all genuine products by Manic Panic and I'm extremely happy with my purchase! :)

Purple Haze

Atomic Turqoise

Vampire Red
If you're planning to purchase these, consider purchasing more than one tub, especially if you're planning to dye your whole head. You would also need more dye if you have thick and long hair. The seller also sells Bleach 40 Kit so you can bleach your hair by yourself too. 

These dyes are not permanent. Which means the more you wash your hair, the faster the color will fade. 

Also do keep in mind that the colours will stain your clothes.
This is a word of warning for those of you who don't like to fully dry your hair before getting dressed. Never wear whites while your hair is dyed with Manic Panic unless you want to ruin them,

The colours do wash out (if my towel is any indication), but I don't know how well they would wash out of white cloth.


When I used these colours, I had to bleach my hair as it's a sort of brunette colour. After I got it bleached, I was left with an orangey-yellow hair. Nothing like the pale blonde you sometimes see in pictures online.

As my hair had yellow pigment in it, it turned my Atomic Turqoise Shade a sort of seafoam green. It was really pretty. 

For Purple Haze and Vampire Red however, the colours turned out just fine. Super bright and bold. Just how I like it.


While I purchased my Manic Panic dyes on Qoo10, they are not out of stock.
However, you can also find them for reasonable prices here.

To find out more about Manic Panic, check out the links below:


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