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September Favourites

September has ended!!!

Not sure about whether I'm happy that the year is getting close to ending, but I'm going to just go with it anyway. So here are some of my favourite things from this month!

1. Procreate App

I didn't expect to fall in love with this app so much but I have. It's now my main go to app for producing art and editing photos. 

2. Tapastic: Read and Discover Comics Online

If you don't know what Tapastic is, then you're totally missing out. I didn't find out about this site until recently. Basically, it's a site which allows you to read webcomics. You can find manga style comics in the archives as well, but all the webcomics on the website are unique in their own way.

I enjoy the comedy category a lot. Nothing like reading a funny and relatable comic while on the way to work.

Tapastic has a website and also an app.

3. Naruto Shippuden (anime)

It's been a while since I watched Naruto. The last time I stopped watching, they were about to fight Madara in the war. I'm almost caught up to the latest episode and let me tell you, I'd happily watch this anime from the beginning AGAIN.

4. Canon Selphy CP910
My new toy. Hohoho~

I like being able to print pictures. I have 2 other printers: the Fuji Instax Printer and the LG Pocket Photo Printer. I use them to journal and also for art. The Canon Selphy is far from being a portable printer, but it's amazing in terms of print quality and affordability.

I like to print 4 pictures on one sheet so I get 4 credit card sized pictures. I end up saving a lot and having a lot of adorable keepsakes. :)




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