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Procreate App Review

**Reminder that everything here is just personal opinion and preference.**

As the title states, this is my review of the Procreate app on the iPad. I only recently purchased this app on the Apple store and have been pleasantly surprised. As someone who doesn't really purchase apps (because of the constantly dropping value of the Malaysian Ringgit ;-;), this purchase was really a splurge.

When I purchased this app, it was going for 5$ I think. It came to about RM35 when it was deducted from my account. That is a VERY expensive app. 

Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try anyway.

This is what the Gallery of the app looks like. This is where you store all your projects. I made a commissions folder, but I've only ever done one commission. ( ̄w ̄;;)ゞ You can sort them into folders just like I did. It took me forever to learn how to delete projects. You just have to swipe left on the project you want to delete and the options will appear. 

I love the available presets especially the square one. There are so many and you can even set your own. However, the best thing about this app is the different brush sets they offer. Although I've only ever used the Inking, Painting and Airbrushing brushes.

You can also set the settings on each brush by tapping on the brush. So you can totally customize to your heart's content.

The image above are some of the brushes you can find under the textures tab. They're pretty cool though I don't know when I'll ever use them.

The color selection is also great. As you can see you can set up your own color palettes. Although I don't show it, you can have a few palettes at a time. There are also a few preset palettes, but I don't really use those.

The icon that looks like a magic want contains a few tools like opacity, color balance and recolor. I often use recolor and opacity

Recolor tool

Selection tool

Overall, I think this app is amazing. If you're thinking of trying digital art, I totally suggest you try out Procreate. It's definitely not Photoshop or Illustrator, but being able to draw wherever you are on your iPad is a total bonus for me.

Another thing I found is that this app is more makes my screen more sensitive? As compared to the other art apps, I didn't have to press down as hard on my stylus as I did with the others. If you already have an expensive, high quality stylus, then this probably wouldn't mean anything to you. I use cheap RM2 styluses to draw or even my fingers, so the extra sensitivity is great! :)

One thing that I would love is an undo gesture. If there is one.... I haven't found it yet. hahaha (≧◇≦;;)




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