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My Birth Chart | OrtolanaPasta

Sometime this year I began to be interested in Astrology because of work. I had to work on researching the zodiac and ended up falling into a pit that I can't seem to get myself out of. Not that astrology is a bad pit to fall into. I just get too obsessive when I get interested in things that I spend almost every waking moment researching it.

Why are you so interested in astrology? It's so fake!

I totally disagree, but it all depends on how you look at it. Shitty newspaper horoscopes are fake. But astrology can be so much more than just predicting what will happen to you in the following weeks, months or even year.

I took an interest in astrology because it helped me find out a little bit more about myself. It helped explain why I act a certain way or handle things a certain way. If you've ever felt like your zodiac has gotten your personality all wrong, that's where astrology comes in and explains it!

Now, I won't go into the differences between horoscopes, astrology and astronomy. 

If you're vaguely familiar with astrology, then you'd know a little bit about Birth Charts. A birth chart charts out the planetary positions during the time of your birth. From this chart, you'd be able to find out a number of different things about yourself. 

Birth charts are created by using your birth date, geological location and your time of birth. 

Below is my astrological birth chart, which I calculated using this Birth Chart Calculator.
Although I couldn't find out my time of birth, I still found it pretty accurate.

Sun in Libra (5th House)
Moon in Cancer (1st House)
Mercury in Scorpio (6th House)
Mars in Cancer (2nd House)
Venus in Scorpio (6th House)
Jupiter in Libra (4th House)
Saturn in Aquarius (9th House)
Uranus in Capricorn (8th House)
Neptune in Capricorn (8th House)
Pluto in Scorpio (6th House)


While my chart shows a number of other of different aspects, the list above just shows my major ones. 

The website I linked above lets you read the interpretations of the different aspects in your birth chart. So if you want to learn more about yourself, try it out! 

It's pretty fun. 

Now there are other things that can also affect your personality, so keep that in mind!





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